eReader Help!

Hey guys! So I have a question for all e-reader users out there, and it is very important. Does any of you have or know of any e-readers that allow you to organise your books the same way you would organise physical books on a bookshelf, i.e. in any order you want. I have a kindle keyboard and it only lets me organise my books in a few pre-set ways (most recent first, title, author, collections). I WANT TO BE ABLE TO PUT MY SERIES TOGETHER BUT I CAN’T! I bought the Skulduggery Pleasant series on my kindle and then had to download them to my eBook management software on my laptop to change the names so that they would be in series order on my kindle.

You know how on apple products, or any smartphone really, you can drag your apps around to put them in whatever order you want? I want that on an e-reader. So if you know of one please please please comment below to let me know (that rhymed… I hate unintentional rhyming). Please. Thank you.